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The Benchetler family are athletes, nature enthusiasts, artists, and longtime influential Mammoth Lakes locals. Chris Benchetler grew up in Bishop, Ca and moved to Mammoth to pursue a professional skiing career after his father passed away from cancer. His talents have made powerful impacts in the ski industry and more recently, as an artist who uses his experiences in the mountains and ocean as inspiration. 


Kimmy Fasani Benchetler is a professional snowboarder, mother, author, and family advocate, who moved to Mammoth to pursue her snowboarding career shortly after her father passed away from cancer. Chris and Kimmy’s 20+ year long relationship was fueled by their loss of loved ones, and love for the mountains. After Kimmy’s mom passed from cancer at the peak of her snowboarding career, the couple started their own family, and shortly after their second child arrived, Kimmy was diagnosed with an aggressive stage 3 breast cancer. 


Surrounding themselves with family and the healing properties of nature has kept them grounded and on a healthy path forward. The Benchetler’s know how challenging these hardships are to overcome and they are aware of how impactful spending time in nature can be to carry you through these formidable moments in life. They created the Benchetler Fasani Foundation because they are uniquely positioned to help facilitate connections for others to benefit from the healing impact of the outdoors.

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